5Fingerpole is a new band that plays a combination of punk, metal, and rock music. Although the band didn't truly form until summer 2000, the history of the members begins back in late 1995 when James (vocals, guitar) met twin brothers David (bass) and Kyle (drums) in San Antonio, TX. However, the three never tried forming a band until several years later, when they all moved to England and bought guitars. Around that time, James met Andrzej (guitar) at Lakenheath High School. Eventually, the four got together to practice, and 5Fingerpole was born.

Since it's been a source of much confusion and misunderstanding, here's where the name 5Fingerpole came from. James and Andrzej were discussing band names on the phone when James saw a book titled "An Instance of the Fingerpost" and being the dork that he is (j/k, James), he misread it as "Fingerpole" and suggested that to Andrzej. Since there are five of us in the band (?!), he tacked on the number 5, and thus, 5Fingerpole was born. Basically, it doesn't mean what you thought it meant. Sicko.

You freak. Ha ha ha.

Band members:
[Andrzej] [David] [James] [Kyle]

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